The Plassy

I dabble in a bit of photography now and then. I took these last year on a manual SLR on Inis Oír (Inisheer), the smallest of the Aran Islands. Its the boat from the Father Ted intro!!

Skull tattoo sketch

Sketch I did last year, thought I'd stick it up in the meantime. Some new stuff on the way! Stay tuned...


Biro Bus Koi

Another koi, I did this one on the bus home from college. Messed up the tail, something I'll have to work on. I did an intaglio print of a koi this week, I'll have to put that up too, get all my kois in there!

Ink on wet

Sorry this is only my second blog. I'm still getting used to all this. Anyway, this was just an experimental thing I did in college for a self portrait project we're starting soon. Not great, but I love working with ink!


Mail Me Art

This was an image from a bag I made to send in for the Mail Me Art thing a month ago. I'm going through a koi thing at the moment! This is ink and acrylic.

New to Blogspot


so I'm new to Blogspot, and hope to have some decent posts in the next few weeks. It'll mostly be drunken fables, a lot of art, and maybe a few surprises!