Doll / Puppet idea

Concept drawings for my self portrait puppet / dolls. Im still not sure about materials. Was thinking a soft body, fabric clothing and wool hair with an embroidered face. Any suggestions are welcome!


Max & the Monsters

2 more illustrations for our Terrible Yellow Eyes type project in college. Unfortunately my scanner only does A4s and these were both A3s...but I got the main details in! (**.)

I'll be adding colour during the week. These were just a couple I banged out in a free class.

Clown / Jailer thing

Another face for the self portrait project...nothing major, but I do love that wig! (",) This isnt my usual clown face, just wanna get that out there! (**,)

Darth Mel

We're starting a self-portrait / puppet thing in college, and the puppet has to represent our personality. My puppet is going to be a clown with several painted faces, so heres a face I did recently, testing out the blue palette.


And Tamed Them With The Magic Trick

These are a couple of illustrations I did for the Terrible Yellow Eyes thing, based on Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak, which we're doing a project on in college. Hope ya like!