Mice 1

This was a project we did where we had to choose an object (in my case, my pet mouse, Elvis, was my inspiration) and develop a series of illustrations in different styles of that object. Here's a selection of my pieces, and one of Elvis himself because he's such a legend.

(Blogger wouldn't let me put all 8 pics in the series so the rest are under this post. Sorry for the shoddy cropping!)

Mice 2

...and the rest

Box Collage with Adrienne Geoghegan

Today, published Illustrator Adrienne Geoghegan was in with us doing a collage workshop. It was brilliant. We were asked to bring in a box and a collection of found objects to construct a box collage under the theme of 'Heaven'. I really enjoyed the whole process and how it turned out, and I got a chance to use some of the junk I've collected over the years!

Here's a list of some of the junk I used in my ybox collage:
an old shoebox (painted black)
cheap bracelets
tea lights
glasses hankie (I'm sure they have a real name!)
small jars
a tiny skull
miniature clothes pegs
a piece from a necklace that broke
a cross, also from a necklace
magazine cut-outs


Website Recommendation

I stumbled across a great site today for people who make dolls. There are albums from some very successful doll makers and links to sites with great tips on fabrics, clay types and accessories. Really great site.


Sorry, you're gonna have to copy and paste that one folks!

Intaglio Koi

I carved this little guy out on the train one day. Anyone who regularly commutes in or out of Dublin knows how horrible those evening trains are; I was so glad to have this to keep me busy, and it turned out nice as a print.

Intaglio Flower

This is a flower I drew and transferred to an intagglio plate and printed. I was really proud of it!

Fabric Face

This was another experiment for the faces of my puppet / doll. I've done Papier Mache, Fimo and now fabric. I think I like this the most and will end up using it for my final piece.


Doodle Pyramid - step 1

This is the first phase in a project I thought up one rainy day. It looks a little weird now but Im hoping when its done it'll look really impressive!!


First Attempt @ Fimo

We did a workshop in college today demonstrating FEMO clay, or polymer. I'd never used it before, but I made this little head from it. He started to melt and get a bit droopy so I just let the clay do what it wanted and it kind of worked out OK, if just a bit creepy...


Paper Mache head

Started coverin my paper mache head thing today, as an experiment on how I'm gonna mak the puppet. Looks a little scary...hopefully it'll get better! (",)


Little Monsters

I was feeling particularly creative last night and decided to recycle some old clothes, and this happened. Their names are Harvey (black with purple hair and red button eyes) and Glammy (cos he looks like a glam metal rocker). I think I love them!


Lily bud

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Years! Here's my first pic of 2010, a closeup photo of a lily with all the bits n bobs still in the middle. So delicate