Hand Smiley!

Smiley face on my hand made up of a freckle, a tattoo-dot, and biro. I should probably do some college work!

Early Riser

Got up early today and the sky looked nice. So...here


Productive Day in College...NOT!!!

Sat scribbling in college when I should have been taking notes. Ah well! Got a little of everything in there! Lol


Bar at the Follies II

Finishing off the sketch for this piece, added more tattoos and background stuff. Still nowhere near finished, stay tuned! And the original by Manet, just for comparison...


Bar at the Follies

This is the second of my three pieces for the Slant project. It's a take on Manet's barmaid at the Follies painting. This is just the start of the sketch and some detail. The tattoos were copied from Luis Royos Conceptions I book, so all fair dues to him, he's amazing!


Dublin Bike Poster


Skull / Heart doodle

Just flutin' around. I could clean it up and use it as a tattoo design or something I guess. It was just freehand so its totally messy but whatev's...

Leap of Leopards

This is an assignment we were issued where we had to choose from a list of collective nouns, some real (flock of seagulls, school of fish etc.) and some made-up (a fraud of bankers, a boobage of cheerleaders...) and illustrate it. I chose the collective noun for leopards, which is a 'leap'. So here's my finished piece and some pics of the process and whatnot.


Olympia update

Slant project is going nicely, that is where we take masterpieces and put a personal 'slant' on them. Here's my interpretation of Manet's Olympia, with some modern touches, next to the original piece, in all its beauty.


Dry Brush, Gestural

Great to be back in college after a long Christmas break. Thrown back into the thick of things in life drawing, with some 30 seconds to one minute gestural poses using charcoal, and some dry-brushing 5 minute poses. Great first day back.