Eyes and Boobies!

Well, here are some eyes and some boobies....because everybody likes boobies!

Sea-themed Work Doodles

Mondays are fierce quiet in Balla Bán Gallery (in the Westbury Mall, drop in and make my day go a bit quicker!) so I have my trusty sketch book to doodle away the hours...

I Love My Mom

Because I really do, she's my hero!!

'Splice Girl' tattoo

A sketch for a friend, really cool concept. The piece is finished, with monkey wrenches in the background, giving it a skull and crossbones look. Can't wait to see how it looks when she gets it done!

Portraiture Workshop

The guys in the gallery were nice enough to offer me a place on a Studio Photography and Portraiture Workshop taking place over the next couple of weeks. Now, I have no photography training and I'm really just an amateur, so this is a great opportunity to learn some new skills. Here's a few shots from the workshop so far.