Olympia...with a twist

So this new project, Slant, sees us take three well-known pieces of art and put our own 'slant' on them. I chose three pieces by Manet: Olympia, Dejeuner sur l'Herve and the Bar at the Follies-Bergere. This is my rough draft for Olympia.


Bob Dylan final roughs

I changed my mind about what I wanted to do with the Bob Dylan assignment; I've decided to go with the song 'Alberta' instead, the lryics to be illustrated are: "Alberta, let your hair hang low; I'll give you more gold than you're apron can hold if you'll only let your hair hang low."

So here are two roughs I did. The final piece will be up soon.


Dublin in November

I really like this time of year. It's getting darker in the evenings and the skies turn some outragous colours just before the sun goes down. People are more weary when they go home in the evenings, Christmas is coming and money is tight. Its a dreary melancholy; I like it, and I took this snap while walking across the ha'penny bridge the other evening. The colour of the sky, the lines of traffic, the tranquility of the Liffey, it all sums up how I feel about November in Dublin.

(Full size (2.4MB) / A3 / A4 Prints for sale)


Bob Dylan Lyrics

A new assignment we have is to take some lyrics from a Bob Dylan song and illustrate them. I'm caught between Black Crown Blues, "Though its funny honey, I just don't feel much like a scarecrow today," and the 115th Dream, "I walked into a restaurat looking for the cook, told em I was the editor of a famous etiquette book." So I did a couple of little thumbnails for both with some simple ideas.


So we weren't allowed to use any points within the figure as landmarks this week in life drawing; instead we had to use the negative space and area around the model to get an accurate silhouette. Not as easy as it sounds, it seems. I just used 3.0 fine liner for these two.

Little Sketchbook Update

Some ickle drawings from my ickle sketchbook.


Bologna Book Fair Childrens' Illustrations

I should have put these up last week but I had a busy mid-term, to put it lightly. Anyway, these are just the sketches for this project, which was based on a word we were assigned to do research on during the Summer. My word was "Fair", so I chose to do a series on a fun fair! The colours look really good, I'm happy enough with how they turned out, hopefully I'll have them up tomorrow.


I tried out the fireworks setting on my camera last night, not really expecting much, but these actually came out kind of successful!

Happy Halloween!

I made a pumpkin! Hope everyone had a good mid-term and a memorable Halloween.


October Life Drawing

And my 100th post! Some life drawing from today and last week. First one is a series of shape-to-shapes, then oil bar and charcoal drawing, then just coloured pencil shape to shape and the last ones just charcoal. Fun day, and Georgina's lovely to draw.


Sketchy Life Drawing

So our poor model wasn't feeling well for the second half of class today, so some of the class took turns modelling instead (fully clothed, unfortunately), and they did a stand up job...actually I recall they all sat down...


Business Card designs??

Meh, just some prototype business cards.

Character Design

Two character concepts for a wordless, colourless comic I'm working on for college.


More sketches from the Natural History Museum: a greenland falcom, some sort of cougar thing, a deaths head hawk-moth, and a buff-failed bumble bee. Try saying those last two after a few jars!


September Rain

The sky was looking a bit thundery and mad today, looked cool. See for yourself!



I managed to get to the Natural History Museum on Sunday but only had enough time to bang out a couple of drawings. Heading in tomorrow with my ickel ditter (little sister) and lovely Marianne for some more punishment, but here's a few birds for now.

Little Sketchbook 3

Some more pages from my little sketchbook. Sparky, my Yorkshire Terrier; Buffy, my fat ginger cat; a quick one of Strandhill beach, Sligo; and a few unaware people in the college canteen, including lovely Marianne. She's a doll.


Cyborg Doodles

My sister was telling me about a film and there was a character in it that thought he was a human but it turned out he was a robot, or something. This is what came into my head...

Cat Thing

I hadn't got much to do today. So I grabbed some odd bit of material and made this cat thing.


Scribble Portraits

I spent about 30 seconds on each of these, drew them as I was watching telly and whoever came on the screen during the ads, I scribbled down. Just a bit of fun!