Creepy Crawlies

A few pictures of the little critters that exist in my garden, house, potted plants...



Some drawings and photographs of the beautiful lillies my mam has growing in the garden, they really are spectacular. I'll try and squeeze in some colour studies before they die.



This is my brother's bearded dragon, Chapelizard. He's just so cute I had to stick em up!


Little Sketchbook

I started this mini sketchbook last week just to keep my life drawing going while on my breaks from work. Its small so it fits in my bag nice and snug, and I use a fine liner, charcoal pencil and a cotton swab for tone. These are just a few pages of people I drew on my break, and one or two of Beech Park and my good friend Craig, who was a good sport to model for me, thanks horse!

Little Sketchbook 2


Paper Bag Koi

I really have to stop this, I have loads of life drawing to put up so I promise I'll get around to it soon. I doodled this one in about 5 minutes for a friend, well he asked could he have it. Marker, ink and charcoal comes out kinda cool on brown paper bags!


Digital Koi

I stumbled upon (on www.stumbleupon.com) one of those sites that has some programme or other that allows you to make unique works of art. I came across one, can't remember what it was called, but did this. Can you tell I have a thing for kois?