Exhibition News

So I have an end of year exhibition coming up mid-may to celebrate the last of my time in Ballyfermot College. It launches on Saturday the 14th I think, so I hope people will come down and have a good nose around at our work from the past couple of years, and that of the graphic and fibre arts kids as well. Should be good.

Also, I've submitted a few pieces to the Jam Art Factory on Patrick Street which is opening very soon. For now I'm just putting in a couple of photographs, original prints. More on that later.

Ciao for now!

Alan & Martin

Some life drawing I stumbled upon cleaning out my portfolio that I don't think I put up. Well, there it is.


Wrist Tattoo

Ok I'm finished with this, if I keep it up my whole arm will be covered so I'm done. Done done done


Tony Postcard

Another from the Postcards From Alphaville series, Tony Curtis as Josephine in Some Like It Hot.

Star Doodle



Tiny Heart Tattoo

Had a bad day, so I inked myself with tattoo needles and some indian ink to distract myself and cheer myself up. I don't feel that much better, but now I've a tiny heart on my wrist for life. Might add more tomorrow, depending on how I feel. Fuck it, roll with it.


Dragon II

Still working away on this. I never wanna see another cherry blosson for as long as I live!


Star Designs

Drew up some star tattoo designs for myself and a friend. Fun shtuff.


I decided I wanted to try to learn to draw Japanese style dragons, so here's my first attempt. I'll add more detail and colour when I get the time!

Marilyn Postcard

This was part of a project called Postcards From Alphaville. I chose to do a series of postcards in the theme of Some Like It Hot, one of my favourite films. Here's the first, of Marilyn Monroe. Its done using Illustrator and Photoshop, which I don't praticularly like using. Anyway, I hope to get the others, of the late great Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon, done and up soon.