October Life Drawing

And my 100th post! Some life drawing from today and last week. First one is a series of shape-to-shapes, then oil bar and charcoal drawing, then just coloured pencil shape to shape and the last ones just charcoal. Fun day, and Georgina's lovely to draw.


Sketchy Life Drawing

So our poor model wasn't feeling well for the second half of class today, so some of the class took turns modelling instead (fully clothed, unfortunately), and they did a stand up job...actually I recall they all sat down...


Business Card designs??

Meh, just some prototype business cards.

Character Design

Two character concepts for a wordless, colourless comic I'm working on for college.


More sketches from the Natural History Museum: a greenland falcom, some sort of cougar thing, a deaths head hawk-moth, and a buff-failed bumble bee. Try saying those last two after a few jars!