I got some old pieces of scrap photography paper that was gonna be thown out because it had already been exposed to too much light, left a few things sitting on a couple of pages (a bracelet, and a locket) and left them here all day while I was in work, and this happened. Its a pity they'll be ruined unless I get my hands on some Fix or just keep them in the dark forever!! Might use this for something in the future...


Couldn't sleep last night so I did this, eh...



Just a few doodles I did in work...it was fairly quiet!


Cian Corrigan Graphic Design: Paper Jam Exhibition

Cian Corrigan Graphic Design: Paper Jam Exhibition: "And of course do not forget about the AFTER PARTY !! The fine staff at THE TWISTED PEPPER have really hooked us up for after party  Late nig..."


Balla Bán Gallery

So I recently started working in the Balla Bán Gallery in the Westbury Mall just off Grafton Street. Great little spot, full of great pieces predominantly by Irish artists, such as Roy Wallace, Niall O'Loughlin, Norman Teeling, John Morris and Graham Knuttel, as well as loads of works by the charming owner of the gallery, Frank O'Dea, lovely guy. Come in and check it out!


Slant & Flea Market Poster Update

Still a bit of colour and details to go into these, nearly finished.


Selling @ Jam Art

I currently have 2 pieces up for sale in the Jam Art Factory in Patrick Street, do get down and check the place out. Its still undergoing a bit of work at the moment but there's plenty of works to be seen by new emerging artists, well worth a look!

These two are €50each or €75 for the set.