September Rain

The sky was looking a bit thundery and mad today, looked cool. See for yourself!



I managed to get to the Natural History Museum on Sunday but only had enough time to bang out a couple of drawings. Heading in tomorrow with my ickel ditter (little sister) and lovely Marianne for some more punishment, but here's a few birds for now.

Little Sketchbook 3

Some more pages from my little sketchbook. Sparky, my Yorkshire Terrier; Buffy, my fat ginger cat; a quick one of Strandhill beach, Sligo; and a few unaware people in the college canteen, including lovely Marianne. She's a doll.


Cyborg Doodles

My sister was telling me about a film and there was a character in it that thought he was a human but it turned out he was a robot, or something. This is what came into my head...

Cat Thing

I hadn't got much to do today. So I grabbed some odd bit of material and made this cat thing.


Scribble Portraits

I spent about 30 seconds on each of these, drew them as I was watching telly and whoever came on the screen during the ads, I scribbled down. Just a bit of fun!


Bonzai Tree Tattoo Sketch

Sketch of a maple bonzai tree I did for a friend who wants it as a tattoo.


Work Cycle

A college day in the life of Mel.

Animal Illustrations

I have a friend who asked me to do a few animal illustrations for a childrens' book he's writing. These are some practice pictures, nothing great, but still fun.

Gems & Jewels 2

Another painting from the Gems & Jewels series. I'm kind of proud of this one.