Sunset in Lahinch©

Basically, its another beautiful sunset in Lahinch, Co. Clare. My all-time favourite place in the world.

The Wasp©

This little guy was just lying on the floor, I think he got a bang off a newspaper or he was dehydrated. Either way, he made for some interesting photography.


Quick Sketching

Some quick life drawing from Malahide beach and a small get together I was at over the weekend. Nothing mad, just quick 10-30second sketched life drawing.


Hands Study

Basically, its a study of my left hand... because I'm not ambidextrous...


Pop-up Book

I started this thing yesterday to have in for this morning, so that's why its terrible! It was completely rushed, but I think for a one day job its not so bad. It's based on the doll I made a couple of months ago.



I guess this is what I'd look like if someone drew a crude drawing of me and then sneezed on it. Its just ink splattered on watercolour paper, but it was fun!

Gestural Life Drawing

I did a massive clear out of some rolls of life drawing today, got rid of all the crap and found a few worth keeping. I think they're from sometime in February.


Lamp and Sambo Man finished

I got these two done last week, and I'm working on the final touches for the other two in the series at the moment. I'm happy enought with these. They're not spectacular, but they're just what I wanted. I used watercolour pastels, which I've really grown to like this year, having never used them before.