Powerscourt lamp

This is an ink painting of one of the lamps just outside the Powerscourt Shopping Centre. I had to do it as part of an assignment about hidden "Gems and Jewels" in Dublin city.


Jeans Project 3

Sewed some angels from another t-shirt onto the back pockets. Didn't take too long. I'm planning my next mod for them, maybe some leopard print stripes down the sides? I'm open to suggestions.


Jeans Project 2

I cut out a Harley Davidson logo from the same old t-shirt I used to fix the hole, and sewed it on, gives a nice 80s look I think. Can't go wrong with a Harley.

Jeans Project 1

I have this old pair of jeans that I never wore because there was a huge hole in the leg. However, I have rectified this problem as you can see, by sewing some old t-shirt material underneath and cutting and stretching it, like some people do with the back of baggy t-shirts.

Andrew Bawidamann print

Ok, so I etched out the plate the other night as you can see, and yesterday in class I got this done! I was going to leave it just as black line, but decided to layer some more colours over it to give a weird 3D effect!

No, the camera isn't out of focus, the print itself just looks all trippy!


Andrew Bawidamann plate

I etched out a plate tonight for Print class tomorrow. It's a picture by Andrew Bawidamann, real 50s style, I think its called Dirty Martini. See we're doing this project now, and long story short: I chose girl-power as my theme! For those who don't know, Andrew Bawidamann is a pin-up artist, he's got a great style and his women are great big curvy gals (like myself, I guess!) so I think he's really cool. Look him up, or you can find him on http://www.thepinupfiles.com.


Doll top and face painted

Just the embroidery on her face to do!


Monday again, and that means life drawing! We had Martin as a model today, he's great to draw purely because he's mental. He whips himself all over the place, once he even fell off the podium...naked geriatric ball sack flopping about, but fair play to him he got straight back up there! Terrific lad!


Here's a few pictures of my tortoises, Toby, and our recently deceased, Shelly, who was dug up by a cat during her hibernation and sadly never recovered. Maybe I'll get one framed in her memory! They re done with a mixture of media, including ink, pencil, charcoal and oil bars.


Life Drawing with Oil Bars

In life drawing this week we used oil bars and linseed oil. It gave a lovely subtle line so I think I'll be coming back to the technique with some later projects.


Doll pockets and collar

Slowly but surely she's coming along. I added pockets and a frilly collar to my dolly Polly today. Also, I got to see how my classmates were getting on with their dolls and I'm so impressed, there are some really amazing creations! I hope to have mine finished in the next couple of days, so stay tuned!


Clownin' Around

I have a job this Saturday, I'll be painting faces for some kids at a Christening and decidede that I need a new look. So I brushed up on my skills and had a play around with some false eyelashes too, I'm fairly happy with my new look!


Doll shoes and hair

Since I've less than a week until my doll (Polly) needs to be handed in, I've been doing a lot of work on her. Yesterday I made a pair of leather booties with bells that I'm so proud of, mainly because my sewing skills seem to be improving! Today I gave her a lovely head of red hair, as planned on my design board. I have to give her a face, I'll probably embroider it, and a top. I may also add another layer to her skirt... we'll see!


Fimo Head 2

I made this a few weeks ago, I think I uploaded the body already, but I made a dodgy looking head for it and attached it to the body. It looks, well, just very dodgy. When I get a few assignments out of the way I'll come back to it and try to make it look someway human!

Puppet / Doll Update

Ok, first of all so so soooo sorry for the lack of posts through March, but there was the mid-term, St. Patricks day, multiple shindigs and chinwags, I just couldn't find the time! So anyway, here's my doll's body that I got done the other day. I'm working on the clothes at the moment, still undecided about a few things. I can't wait to add the hair and facial features!