Another Productive Day...NOT!

Helen kept giving me instructions on stuff to draw during a very laborious lecture about copyrighting. So all the weird stuff was her idea....such as the viking skipping with the cat's tail.

February Life Drawing

Unfortunately, we only got an hour-long class today as we had a guest lecturer in during the day. Bummer. Ah well, got 2 things done, one's OK, the other not so much, I didn't get to finish them properly so they're just roughs. Not bad for just the hour I suppose.


Comic Style Life Drawing

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I've been distracted shall we say! Anyway, we did some life drawing in the style if Frank Miller and Mike Mignola there a few weeks ago, because we had a big comic project due and the class found this really helpful. Was good fun!

And I just noticed I'm up to 30 followers, aaaaw you guuuyyyss!!! Thanks so much!