A new koi, before I add some colour, think I might use markers...


Photography 13/07/10

So I went to town today to do a bit of shopping with my Mam and my sister, and on our toddles around town I snapped a couple of things. I'm on a bit of a photography bender at the moment, but I promise I'll get some more drawings, sketches and paintings and whatnot up soon!


Dublin Docklands Festival sketches

Just a couple of sketches, not great because it was pelting rain the whole time!

Dublin Docklands Festival

I managed to make it to the Docklands this weekend to get a few sketches done and take a few pictures of some of the ships they had on show. It was a shame about the weather, but it didn't seem to hold people back from having a good time. Plenty of food and drinks available, toilets, bins and loads to keep the kids happy! Was a really great event, and I picked up a second hand Tashen Book of Illustrators for a tenner!