Eyes and Boobies!

Well, here are some eyes and some boobies....because everybody likes boobies!

Sea-themed Work Doodles

Mondays are fierce quiet in Balla Bán Gallery (in the Westbury Mall, drop in and make my day go a bit quicker!) so I have my trusty sketch book to doodle away the hours...

I Love My Mom

Because I really do, she's my hero!!

'Splice Girl' tattoo

A sketch for a friend, really cool concept. The piece is finished, with monkey wrenches in the background, giving it a skull and crossbones look. Can't wait to see how it looks when she gets it done!

Portraiture Workshop

The guys in the gallery were nice enough to offer me a place on a Studio Photography and Portraiture Workshop taking place over the next couple of weeks. Now, I have no photography training and I'm really just an amateur, so this is a great opportunity to learn some new skills. Here's a few shots from the workshop so far.


Koi Tattoo Design

Tatoo design for a friend, may be doing it in colour...Just pencil for now


Venetian Mask 2

Just a mock up to see how the mask took collage. Going to do more paint and some trimming before I set the whole thing with a layer of PVA. Just a bitta fun.


Mask 1

So I passed a shop in town today selling these exquisite Venetian masks, so I popped in and had a chat with the sales guy, and was amazed to learn they were only made of papier mache and acrylic! And stuff like feathers, sequins and stuff stuck on, but they were really stunning. So I says, I wonder if I could do that. So here's stage one, papier mache layered onto a mask mould I had at home. Lets see how it goes!


Zombie make-up

Just practicing my make-up for the Dublin Zombie Walk which takes place next month. I used liquid latex, Snazaroo face paints, Vaseline and a few other bits and pieces. Took about 2 hours altogether, totally worth it.


Girl sketch

Just a doodle...

Hotel Sketch

One way to kill an hour. Might do a series of these on some Fabriano with inks...see how that goes...



My favourite place on Earth!!



Taken on a Canon G10, my first time using one of these, lovely cam! I'll definately have to invest in one!



I got some old pieces of scrap photography paper that was gonna be thown out because it had already been exposed to too much light, left a few things sitting on a couple of pages (a bracelet, and a locket) and left them here all day while I was in work, and this happened. Its a pity they'll be ruined unless I get my hands on some Fix or just keep them in the dark forever!! Might use this for something in the future...


Couldn't sleep last night so I did this, eh...



Just a few doodles I did in work...it was fairly quiet!


Cian Corrigan Graphic Design: Paper Jam Exhibition

Cian Corrigan Graphic Design: Paper Jam Exhibition: "And of course do not forget about the AFTER PARTY !! The fine staff at THE TWISTED PEPPER have really hooked us up for after party  Late nig..."


Balla Bán Gallery

So I recently started working in the Balla Bán Gallery in the Westbury Mall just off Grafton Street. Great little spot, full of great pieces predominantly by Irish artists, such as Roy Wallace, Niall O'Loughlin, Norman Teeling, John Morris and Graham Knuttel, as well as loads of works by the charming owner of the gallery, Frank O'Dea, lovely guy. Come in and check it out!


Slant & Flea Market Poster Update

Still a bit of colour and details to go into these, nearly finished.


Selling @ Jam Art

I currently have 2 pieces up for sale in the Jam Art Factory in Patrick Street, do get down and check the place out. Its still undergoing a bit of work at the moment but there's plenty of works to be seen by new emerging artists, well worth a look!

These two are €50each or €75 for the set.


Exhibition News

So I have an end of year exhibition coming up mid-may to celebrate the last of my time in Ballyfermot College. It launches on Saturday the 14th I think, so I hope people will come down and have a good nose around at our work from the past couple of years, and that of the graphic and fibre arts kids as well. Should be good.

Also, I've submitted a few pieces to the Jam Art Factory on Patrick Street which is opening very soon. For now I'm just putting in a couple of photographs, original prints. More on that later.

Ciao for now!

Alan & Martin

Some life drawing I stumbled upon cleaning out my portfolio that I don't think I put up. Well, there it is.


Wrist Tattoo

Ok I'm finished with this, if I keep it up my whole arm will be covered so I'm done. Done done done


Tony Postcard

Another from the Postcards From Alphaville series, Tony Curtis as Josephine in Some Like It Hot.

Star Doodle



Tiny Heart Tattoo

Had a bad day, so I inked myself with tattoo needles and some indian ink to distract myself and cheer myself up. I don't feel that much better, but now I've a tiny heart on my wrist for life. Might add more tomorrow, depending on how I feel. Fuck it, roll with it.


Dragon II

Still working away on this. I never wanna see another cherry blosson for as long as I live!


Star Designs

Drew up some star tattoo designs for myself and a friend. Fun shtuff.


I decided I wanted to try to learn to draw Japanese style dragons, so here's my first attempt. I'll add more detail and colour when I get the time!