Box Collage with Adrienne Geoghegan

Today, published Illustrator Adrienne Geoghegan was in with us doing a collage workshop. It was brilliant. We were asked to bring in a box and a collection of found objects to construct a box collage under the theme of 'Heaven'. I really enjoyed the whole process and how it turned out, and I got a chance to use some of the junk I've collected over the years!

Here's a list of some of the junk I used in my ybox collage:
an old shoebox (painted black)
cheap bracelets
tea lights
glasses hankie (I'm sure they have a real name!)
small jars
a tiny skull
miniature clothes pegs
a piece from a necklace that broke
a cross, also from a necklace
magazine cut-outs


  1. Gotta love your box! i found ur poem, you had me at hello!

  2. Yay you finally found it!! I was so proud of it :D

  3. love this mel!! great idea for teachin..... i may have to steal?!!! xxx

  4. yeah go for it! its fun and a good way of clearin out a bunch of crappy knick knacks that you're not gonna use anyway :)