Zombie make-up

Just practicing my make-up for the Dublin Zombie Walk which takes place next month. I used liquid latex, Snazaroo face paints, Vaseline and a few other bits and pieces. Took about 2 hours altogether, totally worth it.


  1. Been looking for pics with great zombie makeup and LOVE this look. Great job.
    Hopefully you'll get this, but what is the Vaseline used for?
    My sisters and I are going to be Zombie Victoria Secrets models for a huge Halloween party and I'm gathering info on the best ways to Zombify our look.
    Any suggestions or education you could offer would be appreciated!
    Have a fantastic Zombie Walk:)

  2. Hey! I have a halloween party to go to on Saturday and this looks wicked! Are you able to post a tutorial on how to do it?

  3. Hi guys thanks for the feedback. I'm so sorry I only saw these comments now but I'd still be happy to do a tutorial, I'll show all the materials I use and answer any more questions. And to answer your question, I find the Vaseline helps keeping the "wounds" looking wet and fresh, as fake blood seems to dry and flake. Hope you guys had a great Halloween, I'll do a follow up tutorial very soon!